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When ordering at Everlane.com you can use a referral link to get $25 dollars off your first Everlane order. All you need to do is use an Everlane code. Everlane is one of the most popular e-commerce clothing retailers with shirts, pants, denim and much more!


$25 off your first order

Use our everlane code for $25 off your first order!

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Everlane FAQ

What’s Everlane?

More of a lifestyle company than a fashion company, Everlane is an e-commerce clothing retailer that strives to revolutionize the way shoppers create their wardrobes. Carrying the coolest luxury tees and viral designer shirts, Everlane’s got the threads to make you look cleaner than ever.

Everlane brings you essential modern styles that’ll bring your closet into the 21st century. But ethics should never be sacrificed during the manufacturing process, so Everlane also guarantees their clothes are all sourced from 100% ethical factories!

Great looking clothes at no moral cost—that’s what Everlane proudly stands for, now and forevermore.

Everlane First Order Code for $25 off?

Everlane wants to become your go-to clothes retailer—that’s why they never shy away from offering sweet coupon deals for their customers. They want to work for you if you take a chance on them.

Right now, for example, they’re running an awesome everlane promo code: tessmayall

If you plug this promo code in next time you shop through Everlane, you’ll save yourself $25.

That’s a nice chunk of change—it’ll surely nab you a free shirt or several accessories, so why not!

If you want to capitalize on this sweet everline first order discount, go right ahead. It’s easy:

  1. Visit the Everlane page and start browsing
  2. Pick out the clothes and/or accessories you want
  3. Paste your tessmayall promo code into the relevant checkout box
  4. Voila! Discount earned

The promo code couldn’t be any easier to use. Be sure to keep your eye out for more codes in the future, too! There will be more where that came from.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for Everlane’s periodic “Choose What You Pay” events that allow customers to choose from three different price-points for each participating product.

What’s the best way to reach Everlane’s customer support team?

Getting in touch with Everlane’s support staff is a user-friendly process. They have numerous avenues that customers can use to get in contact with the company.

A natural place to start would be the company’s phone number, which is 414-834-5249 for Everlane’s San Francisco location.

Also, Everlane boasts a 3-hour response time on average to emails. Send one over to [email protected] at any time to get help promptly.

If you specifically want help with bulk orders, try [email protected] - try [email protected] if you’d like to make contact for a story.

Everlane’s also got an extremely convenient help center you can browse here!

What’s Everlane’s return policy?

The company has a simple return process that should only take a matter of minutes.

You’ll want to navigate to Everlane’s site and click on the “My Returns” link on your order page. Then you can “Create return for store credit” or “Create return for refund.”

At this point, you’ll describe to Everlane what product or products you’ll be returning, and the company will quickly send over a prepaid shipping label with instructions on how to proceed. Simple and easy!

Everlane’s San Franciso location and hours

2170 Folsom St, Ground Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

Monday: Closed

Tuesday–Saturday: Open 12p.m.–7p.m.

Sunday: Open 10a.m.–5p.m.

Everlane’s New York City location and hours

415 West Broadway, #5S

New York, NY 10012

Monday: Closed

Tuesday–Saturday: Open 11a.m.–7p.m.

Sunday: Open 12p.m.–6p.m.

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