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Dropbox makes it easy to create, share and collaborate on files on your computer or phone. Dropbox stores your photos, docs and videos on the cloud so you can access them anywhere.


Free 2GB of Storage at Dropbox

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Dropbox FAQ

What’s Dropbox?

An industry leader in cloud storage, Dropbox is a file hosting website that offers a streamlined collaboration suite app that makes securing and cooperating on documents and other types of media easier than ever for both personal and business users.

Dropbox secures the files that keep your life running—it’s an enterprise-grade cloud storage solution for your everyday needs.

Looks promising, how do I use the Dropbox Referral Link?

Right off the bat, you can get your first 2GB of storage from Dropbox free if you sign up using a  dropbox referral link.

You can find the dropbox referral link above. That 2GB of storage is a whole lot of docs, pics, and videos, so it’s definitely not an opportunity you’ll want to pass up. Using the link is simple:

  1. Copy and paste the aforementioned link into your web browser
  2. Following the sign-up instructions
  3. Download the Dropbox app
That’s all you’ll need to make sure you capitalize on the 2 free GB of storage space. All in all, signing up and downloading the app will only take a matter of minutes.

And moreover, be sure to run a web search for Dropbox promo codes and coupons. The company often runs enticing promos that you won’t want to miss out on.

For instance, you can find codes that’ll give you access to Dropbox Business for a month and other cool perks like that!

How should I contact Dropbox if I need assistance?

The Dropbox team is extremely open, and as such, users have tons of different ways to contact them.

You can contact Dropbox’s tech support team here. You’ll need to sign in first.

Admittedly, Dropbox has declared they prefer being contacted on Twitter. Their handle is @dropboxsupport.

There’s also a slew of other ways to contact various Dropbox departments—you’ll find them here.

Be sure to check out the company’s help center, too, to see dozens of answers to common questions.

How about cancelling a Dropbox account?

If you decide to open a new Dropbox account or just need to close your old one, the process is easy.

First off, make sure you’ve made your final decision. Once you close down your account, it’ll be final.

If you’re ready, go to the “Accounts” tab in the Settings page of your Dropbox dashboard. There, you’ll be given the option to “Delete my Dropbox.”

Then, you’ll be asked to provide your password as well as the reason for your account closure. After this, your account will be cancelled.

Alternatively, if you’ve upgraded to Dropbox Pro, you’ll need to downgrade your account first in your “Accounts” tab before you can cancel your Dropbox account permanently.

How many users does Dropbox currently service?

Dropbox currently offers its elite collaborative storage suite to over 500 million users across the globe.

The platform handles an astounding 1.2 billion file uploads on a daily basis.

The Dropbox app has been downloaded 500 million times, too, and file sharing connections have been established 3.3 billion times between Dropbox users. The app has 200,000 paying users and 8 million business customers.