JetsuiteX vs Surfair Private Jet Experience

Let’s cut to the chase: you’re interested in trying either JetSuiteX or Surf Air, but you don’t know which one’s best suited for your travel needs.

No worries – both companies have their respective pros, so today we’ll be walking you through what both airlines bring to the table so you can make up your mind on which one’s right for you.

Are the airlines’ models different?

Structurally, very much so.

That’s because JetSuiteX is a regular airline, albeit a private one with a streamlined pricing and destination system. Buy a ticket, get a flight – you know the drill.

Surf Air, on the other hand, is an actual private air travel club. Unlike with JetSuiteX, you don’t buy plane tickets with Surf Air – you buy a monthly membership fee.

Again, though, both airlines are private, and both offer private lounges in the airports they operate out … Read more