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Get $20 dollars in free sccop ride credit when you sign up using a scoop referral code. Scoop is a new community carpool app allowing you to easily share rides with a trusted network of riders and drivers.

Scoop FAQ

What is Scoop?

Scoop is a commercial carpooling service: local professionals pay other local professionals to catch rides to work. The Scoop app will help you find commuters with similar schedules as you and the app helps you take it from there.

Scoop is a community difference maker—request a carpool anytime, anywhere.

Sounds convenient, so what’s the best way to get a good deal using their scoop promo code?

Your best bet is using one of our Scoop promo codes to save some money on your next ride.

For example, the company has one code running right now that’ll save you $20 on your next lift into town—not bad!

You’re going to want to take your code either to your Scoop app or at their website,

With your code in hand, you’ll:

  1. Request a ride through the app
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Apply the scoop promo code in the promo box

And that’s all you’ll need to do—your next ride’s on Scoop!